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Gamer files Mass Effect 3 endings complaint to the FTC

The Mass Effect 3 ending saga continues today with news that one of the disgruntled fans has now filed an FTC (Federal Trade Commission) complaint against Bioware and EA for what some fans consider poor endings to the game.

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Diablo Podcast #62 – News Attack – Release Date and Anniversary Edition

Elly and Flux discuss all the ramifications of Diablo 3’s just-announced release date, digital game pricing, Blizzard’s decision to not include PvP upon launch, Jay Wilson’s numerous tweets about Inferno and late game fun, how the recently-hacked extra beta content seems to support Jay’s contentions, plus new movies showing off various class skills.

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Defenders of Ardania [Review] – Causing tower offence

Defenders of Ardania has one hell of an idea behind it, and it’s an idea that I’ve been wanting to see become a game for awhile.

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Claptrap’s love letter outlines Borderlands 2 PC features

Gearbox chose a rather odd way to outline some of the enhanced PC features that will be included in Borderlands 2.

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