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Spec Ops: The Line gives something to the community [Video]

This latest trailer for Spec Ops: The Line is being promoted as made for ‘the community’.

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ArenaNet releases new Guild Wars 2 gameplay Video

As a special thanks to the Guild Wars 2 community, ArenaNet has released a new video which includes some bonus gameplaye footage from the MMO.

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Blizzard shuts down bugged Diablo 3 Beta content

Over the weekend, Diablo 3 players discovered a bug in thegame which gave access to locked out areas in Act 1 of the ARPG.

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EA beefs up Fifa Ultimate Team security

Following accusations that Fifa 12’s Ultimate Team trading card/online mode has been the source of phishing scams over Xbox Live, publisher Electronic Arts has made moves to improve security.

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GAME buyer will wait until the retailer enters administration

Analysts have begun speaking up as to the future of GAME, the troubled UK retailer that is currently struggling to find enough money to stock the latest releases (including Mass Effect 3 and Street Fighter x Tekken). 
It’s believed that any potential buyer will wait until the company has formally entered administration before an offer is made, meaning an iminent savour is unlikely. 
“We suspect that any potential suitor would prefer to wait for a formal administration process,” Singer Capital Markets’ Mark Photiades told the BBC. “Through a pre-pack, the suitor would have much greater flexibility around store liabilities.”
As for who would likely be interested in GAME, US retailer GameStop is the most likely candidate according to analyst Peter Smedley of Charles Stanley Securities.

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Crytek announcing ‘spectacular’ new PC/console game next month

Speaking at GDC last week, German developer Crytek has said that it will be revealing a “fantastic” new project for PC and console next month. 
Crytek, most famous for their work on the Crysis series, went on to say that the announcement will revolve around a game that is “the best of that kind of project we’ve ever done.”
“There are so many things I can’t talk about,” said the company’s General Manager of games, Nick Button-Brown.

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Mass Effect 3 sales more than first two games combined, tops chart

Mass Effect 3 is well on the way to recouping development costs having gone straight to number one in the UK software charts in its opening week. 
GfK Chart-Track stated that week one sales of the trilogy’s finale were higher than those of the first two games combined.

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