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Tribes Ascend Beta [Video Preview] – We’re spinfusiastic

24 Feb 2012  by   Paul Younger
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 Tribes Ascend, the latest in the long-running series of PC shooters, has just entered open beta. Development duties are being handled by Hi-Rez Studios, who’ve opted for a free-to-play business model for the game. The following audio-visual delights take a look at how Ascend plays, whether it feels like the Tribes titles of old, and examine how the free-to-play system has been implemented.
First up, a look at the class structure of Tribes Ascend and the various unlocks that you’ll either have to save up your experience points for, or shell out some cash to obtain.
Next, I take on some Team Deathmatch (poorly, as it turns out) and explain some of the key features of Ascend. If you’re keen on games with jetpacks, you should definitely take an interest.
As a final 20 minute blowout, Tim McDonald and myself discuss the return of the Tribes series and the shift away from speed in PC shooters over some footage of a Capture the Flag match. We also confirm the presence of the “shazbot!” voice command, which will no doubt come as sweet relief to all Tribes veterans.
Tribes Ascend is now in open beta. Sign up at the official website to play for yourself.

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