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Archive for February 2012

IncGamers Podcast #71

Strangeness is afoot in the IncGamers pod this week, as things get all Twilight Zone with Alan Wake’s American Nightmare, a new site offers hot dates for ‘gamers’, and Danny Dyer invades the outtakes.

28 Feb 2012 | 6

Diablo 3 console development ramping up?

At the beginning of January Blizzard stated that they were still exploring the idea of Diablo 3 on consoles after revealing last year that they were experimenting with the game on consoles.

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SSX [Review] – A whole lotta snowboating

On first appearances, this isn’t the SSX we’ve come to love.

28 Feb 2012 | Comments Off

Guild Wars 2 – 4000 Beta sign-ups per minute

We reported at the weekend that Guild Wars 2 received over one million sign-ups during their public Beta test and this evening they fired out some more information, which showed that during peak periods, they were recieving more that 4000 applications per minute.

27 Feb 2012 | Comments Off

IncGamers Plays: Warhammer Online Wrath of Heroes

The latest Warhammer Online: Wrath of Heroes beta took place over the weekend, and I was there to do battle with the Old World’s finest.

27 Feb 2012 | Comments Off

Mass Effect 3 is 40 hours long, main quest is 15-20 hours

The world’s first review of Mass Effect 3, from German mag Gamestar, claims that the highly anticipated RPG is roughly 40 hours long.

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Two months on, how good is Star Wars: The Old Republic?

At the time of writing, it’s been just over two months since Star Wars: The Old Republic hit shelves both digital and physical.

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Warhammer Online: Wrath of Heroes Beta [Preview] – Goblin’ it up?

This is one of those tougher assignments. Ok, yes, stop rolling your eyes at the prospect of a games writer having an assignment that’s in any way ‘tough’.

26 Feb 2012 | Comments Off

Torchlight 2 Development Update [Video]

It’s been a while since we heard how the development process on Torchlight 2 was coming along but this evening the team broke silence to fill everyone in on how the game is progressing.

25 Feb 2012 | Comments Off

One million sign up for Guild Wars 2 beta

The brief window in which you could sign up for a possible spot in the upcoming Guild Wars 2 beta has slammed shut, but not before sign-ups passed by the one million mark.

24 Feb 2012 | Comments Off

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City dated, PC version delayed

Capcom has revealed the release date (release dates as it turns out) for Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City.

24 Feb 2012 | Comments Off

Free DLC incoming to Gotham City Impostors

A freebie release of DLC for all versions of Gotham City Impostors has already appeared on Xbox Live and will becoming soon to PC and PlayStation Network.

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Weekly Recap [ending 26/02/2012]

With the release of the PS Vita, this week was probably the busiest of the year so far.

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Tribes Ascend Beta [Video Preview] – We’re spinfusiastic

 Tribes Ascend, the latest in the long-running series of PC shooters, has just entered open beta.

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Rayman Origins Vita [Review] – The best is back

It’s a shame when good games don’t sell. Upon Rayman Origins’ release late last year on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, our review described it as “an absolute gem,” “a breath of fresh air” and “a very special package”.  So, pretty good then.

24 Feb 2012 | Comments Off

Max Payne 3 Mini-30 Rifle profiled [Video]

Rockstar kick off a new series for Max Payne 3 which profiles the various weapons at your disposal in the upcoming sequel and today it’s the Mini-30 rifle which is apparently both lethal and accurate.

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Win a Path of Exile closed Beta key

Welcome RPG gamers, this is your opportunity to get your hands on a closed beta key for Grinding Gear Games’ upcoming action RPG Path of Exile.

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Dating site for gamers opens, but it’s all a scam

In you live in the UK, lack a significant other and enjoy a little videogame action then webiste ‘Date a Gamer’ might be for you.

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Metal Gear Solid coming back to the PC

It looks like a certain Mr. Solid Snake is coming back to the world keyboards, Windows and variable graphic settings. 
Metal Gear Solid publisher Konami are looking for “Project engineers for the latest Metal Gear Solid targeted for high-end consoles and PC.” The likelihood is that the advert is in regards to whatever the next ‘real’ Metal Gear Solid game is – i.e.

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Syndicate on PC taunts pirates

Starbreeze has included a .nfo file in the PC edition of Syndicate.

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