IncGamers Podcast #68

8 Feb 2012  by   Paul Younger
Norway's Krillbite may have hit on something quite brilliant for their forthcoming first-person horror title Among the Sleep. It's true that 'play as a two year old in a spooky house' sounds a bit like one of those ideas pitched by the pretend twitter version of Peter Molyneux; but it's also a fascinating prospect. Not only is the regression to childhood a pretty alarming concept for most people, but the change of perspective should work wonders for a horror title. Plus, you know, more things are scary when you're a kid. See for yourself with the gameplay trailer, below Among the Sleep is coming to the PC. There's no concrete release date on the game's site, but a 'coming soon' banner suggests we'll see it in 2012. [video2=2955]

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It’s a financial crisis special in the pod this week, as the news quiz looks at three companies who’re laying low from their bank managers. Tim reveals a casual disinterest in Diablo 3 as the team speculates about Activision-Blizzard’s upcoming financial report (spoiler: they’re probably doing ok), and Paul reveals his favourite Horace game on the ZX Speccy.

There’s game-chat aplenty too, with thoughts on Fortune Summoners, King Arthur II and Tera’s wonky MMO servers.

Listen below, or grab this episode (and all the rest) from iTunes.

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