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BioWare’s lead writer retires

17 Feb 2012  by   John Robertson
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Drew Karpyshyn, lead writer at BioWare, has retired from the games industry.
The writer said that the decision represents an “essential step” for his future career and that he wants to move into new non-gaming areas such as writing a novel based on the event of Star Wars: The Old Republic.
For 12 years Karpyshyn has been writing for BioWare, his recent work including being lead writer for Star Wars: The Old Republic and co-writing Mass Effect 2.
“For the past twelve years I’ve had the privilege to work at one of the best companies in the video game industry, side by side with the most talented and incredible group of people I’ve ever had the good fortune to know,” said Karpyshyn.
“I’ve enjoyed my time at BioWare immensely, but it’s time for me to move on.I’m leaving to focus more time and energy on my novels and other non-video game related projects. But even though I’ll no longer be working on games for BioWare, I’m not going to be severing all ties with them.
“Many of my closest friends still work at the company, and I’m also in the process of writing the next Star Wars: The Old Republic novel, though I can’t say too much about it yet.”

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