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The Witcher 2 to be ‘enhanced’ on 360 and PC

The Witcher 2 will be released for the Xbox 360 as an ‘enhanced edition’ on 17 April, exactly one year after the release of the game’s PC version. A special ‘Dark’ edition of the title will also be offered for the 360.
PC users won’t miss out either; if you own a copy of The Witcher 2 before 17 April, CD Projekt Red will give you the update for free. The ‘enhanced’ features include whole new storylines and locations (such as a forest in the mountains above Loc Muine, and underground chambers beneath). New characters like noble lady Brigida Papebrock Dame are promised too, all of which will add to the “several hours” of additional gameplay (as if The Witcher 2 wasn’t long enough already).
The 360’s standard edition will retail for $60 USD and comes with a world map, quest handbook and soundtrack. Meanwhile, the ‘Dark’ edition, pictured above, adds $20 USD to the price (taking it up to $80 USD) and includes all the standard edition goodies, plus an artbook, Witcher medallion and ‘making of’ DVD.
Further details of each edition, plus a few retailer-specific bonuses for ordering early can be found in the source link below.
And, if you’d forgotten that the game’s subtitle was The Assassins of Kings, there’s a new trailer out featuring, well, an assassination of a king.
Source: buy.thewitcher.com

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