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The IncGamers Podcast Returns – Episode #65

17 Jan 2012 by Paul Younger
Looks like Uncharted
Square Enix has released a new trailer for next year's Tomb Raider. The trailer shows a good amount of gameplay, some of which is new and some that was shown at last year's E3.The video focuses on the hardships Lara is going to have to endure on her journey, including falling on rusty spikes, being captured by the bad guys and falling down a mountain in front of a crashing plane.Tomb Raider, which Square Enix will be showing off at E3 next week, is due on 5 March 2013.

Welcome back game fans. After a break of what must be over a year now, the IncGamers team are back with an all-new podcast. On this historic episode there are some new and old faces making a return. We’re all a little rusty but we’ll ease back into the swing of things quite quickly.

So what are we discussing this week? Well as we have been away for so long, we thought we’d discuss what we’ve been playing in the past few weeks since the holidays,  the pick of this past week’s top news stories including all the news, , XCOM Enemy Unkown and more. We also discuss what we are looking forward to in 2012 and what’s coming up on this week. Oddly enough, Peter shares his love of whale oil. Weird!

On a technical note, we are resubmitting the podcast to iTunes, all the old podcasts got a little lost in the recent moves but we will be reposting those. As soon as we have a new iTunes subscription link we’ll post it up so you can’t miss it.

Welcome back game fans!

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