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Trine 2 release dates revealed

Get set for more triplet-platforming action, as Frozenbyte has laid out the release schedule for Trine 2 on PC, Xbox Live and PlayStation Network. The rather good news if you’re a PC owner is that the game is due out … tomorrow. Yep, from 7 December, digital portals like Steam, GamersGame and Direct2Drive will all be selling the title.
Xbox Live and PSN will have to wait a bit longer, with release dates of 21 December and 20 December (in Europe at least, the rest of the world doesn’t have a PSN date yet) respectively.
You can pick up two different flavours of Trine 2; regular and collector’s edition. The latter comes with a digital artbook and soundtrack and costs a little bit more. If you grab the standard edition, it’ll set you back $15 USD/£12 GBP, whereas the fancier release is $25/£18.
In Trine 2, much like the original Trine, you’ll be controlling a wizard, thief and knight (each of whom possesses different talents) and trying to overcome some fiendish side-scrolling platform-puzzles in absurdly pretty environments. You can see some of those lush locales by looking around this here news item. Oh yes, and this sequel will also add online co-op play. Hurrah.


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