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Archive for 6 December 2011

Gaming Gluttony: The Digital Sales Epidemic

As I write this article, Steam’s autumn sale is coming to a close.

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Get famous in the latest Sims 3 expansion

If you’ve always fancied being able to lead your Sim to fame and fortune, the forthcoming Showtime expansion for the PC and Mac versions of The Sims 3 is probably going to be of interest.

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Final Fantasy XIV subscriptions return in January

As previously detailed by Square Enix, paid subscriptions will be returning as the payment model for Final Fantasy XIV from 6 January.

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Trine 2 release dates revealed

Get set for more triplet-platforming action, as Frozenbyte has laid out the release schedule for Trine 2 on PC, Xbox Live and PlayStation Network.

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The Darkness 2 in co-op [Preview]

A samurai named Inugami, the Israeli secret service agent Shoshanna, Jimmy Wilson from Glasgow and voodoo practitioner JP Dumond.

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Fantastic Diablo 3 costume impresses

Over on the Diablo: IncGamers site, site member Joshua Smith has been keeping a blog of the process in creating his epic Diablo 3 costume and today he finally completed his masterpiece.

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