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Archive for 28 September 2011

Star Wars: The Old Republic early access explained

The ‘Early Game Access’ offered to those who’ve ordered Star Wars: The Old Republic prior to release has caused some minor confusion, so BioWare has moved to clarify matters.

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Rift v1.5 Patch lands on servers

Trion has deployed the latest patch for the MMO RIFT.
The v1.5 ‘Ashes of History’ update brings a whole host of new features to the MMO including Chronicles, the Planar Attunement system, master-mode dungeons and much more.

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Football Manager DRM decision draws ire

SEGA has announced that Football Manager 2012 will require a one-time internet activation through Steam to run, a decision that hasn’t pleased many long-time fans.

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PC players excluded from Battlefield 3 tournament

EA and Virgin Gaming have joined together to host an online Battlefield 3 tournament with a combined prize fund of $1.6 million USD; but if you’re a PC player, you won’t be taking part.

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Pay what you want for Frozen Synapse

There’s a new Humble Indie Bundle on the loose, this time offering 2011′s finest top-down tactical shooter Frozen Synapse at a price of your own choosing.

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Foo Fighters confirmed for BlizzCon

Blizzard has confirmed this year’s act for BlizzCon and it’s a cracker.

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LA Noire PC dated, coming to Steam and OnLive

Out this November, PC specs also revealed.
Rockstar have announced that the PC edition of crime-caper LA Noire will be coming to the UK on 11 November, the North American release occuring three days earlier on 8 November.

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Skyrim will look better on PC, but it’s easier to build on consoles

Bethesda’s Todd Howard talks multi-platform development.
It seems that practise really does make perfect. Skyrim’s game director Todd Howard has said the game’s dev team are now “a lot more comfortable” working on consoles than they used to be given that this is their third effort with the current systems.

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Witcher 2 dev: Gamers ‘treated like dairy cows’ by DLC

CD Projekt speaks out about not being able to offer free DLC on 360.

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In five months you’ll be playing Syndicate

Recently announced shooter coming Feb 2012.
It’s being reported that Syndicate, EA’s remake of Bullfrog’s 1993 cyberpunk tactical-shooter, will be released on 21 February of next year in North America and three days later on 24 February in Europe.

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Allods Online Undaunted expansion dated

More content coming to the free to play MMO next month.

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PES 2012 Review

My story is probably the same as many of you reading this.

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