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Dino might: Jurassic Park’s ‘action’ montage

31 Aug 2011  by   Paul Younger

By most accounts, Jurassic Park: The Game is going to break from Telltale’s usual adventure game formula and include more daring feats of peril.
Unfortunately, those same accounts suggest the company will be doing this by packing the game with quick-time events. Oh dear.
Still, I’m basing all of this on second-hand information and for all I know the quick-time events could be handled in some new, groundbreaking way.
What seems certain is that Jurassic Park: The Game will not feature a health bar on the character’s cleavage (hello, Trespasser) when it’s released on 15 November. And that is a shame.
Meanwhile, enjoy some unlucky souls being hunted down by dinosaurs in this latest trailer for the game.

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