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Hellgate open beta underway

If you missed out on the closed beta test of the revived Hellgate then today is the day the open beta gets underway.
The beta begins in Europe and North America at 7:30pm EST and if you are ewanting to take part head over to the official website.
During the Beta test there wil be special events to bring the Hellgate community together, the Guild Reservoir event, the Daily Supplies event, the To Level in Hell event and the Level and Be Rewarded event. There’s also two new zones,  PvPDuel Area and the zombie-infested Cow Room.
When the first version of the game was released is showed some promise but sadly due to rushed developement it never reached its full potential. It’s worth checking this out to see what you think now it’s been developed further if you played the otiginal game. 
For more on Hellgate check Hellgate: IncGamers.

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