End of Nations beta ‘several months’ away

14 Jun 2011  by
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There’s been no release date announced for Petroglyph and TRION’s MMORTS End of Nations but it looks like development is progressing well.
Speaking to IncGamers last week at E3, senior producer Ted Morris stated that a Beta test was ‘several months’ away which indicates that they could be ready to test the game out on the general public by the end of this year.
Unlike most RTS titles, Petroglyph are creating a persistant world where players will take part in large scale battles against each other in PvP, co-op and against the AI. The game itself maintains core RTS elements and gameplay with the ability to level up in the persistant world and this is what will appeal to RTS fans looking for an experience that is more in-depth that you would normally find in other games in the genre.
We’re pretty excited by End of Nations, and from what we saw at E3, TRION could well have another hit in their hands. We hope that when the game is released the MMO elements are integrated well with the overall RTS experience and they add to the overall experience of the strategy gameplay.
Watch out for more on End of Nations in the coming days and weeks here on IncGamers.

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