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Layoffs at Obsidian

At least eight people have been laid off at Obsidian, developers of Fallout: New Vegas, Alpha Protocol, and the forthcoming Dungeon Siege III.
A thread at the Obsidian forums rounds up the various twitter posts confirming staff layoffs, as well as several public references posted on Chris Avellone’s LinkedIn account.

The unfortunate employees include art director Joe Sanabria, producers Jason Fader, Akil Hooper and Theresa Treadwell, plus programmer Justin Reynard. Judging by Avellone’s write-ups, these are skilled people who’ll hopefully find more work.
These layoffs don’t seem as though they will affect the release of upcoming New Vegas add-ons, but there is a question mark hanging over an as-yet unnanounced Obsidian project referred to internally as “Virginia.”

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