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Archive for 22 April 2011

CryENGINE SDK to be released for free in August

Crytek has updated its official modding page with a lengthy message, informing prospective PC modders that the Crysis 2 Editor and CryENGINE SDK will be released soon.

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Ice-Pick Lodge’s Cargo! released on the sly

Cargo!, the latest game from Void-developers Ice-Pick Lodge, has been released on Steam with very little fanfare.

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Fate of the World patched, adds two new missions

Tough-as-heck world saving simulator Fate of the World is celebrating Earth Day with a patch to version 1.04 and two new missions.

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Dungeon Siege 3′s Anjali is on fire

Obsidian keep gamely releasing character-focused trailers for Dungeon Siege 3, so it’ll be no surprise that here is another one of them.

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SOCOM: Special Forces Review

Credit where credit’s due: SOCOM did wonders for pushing online console play.

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RIFT Charmer’s Caldera Shots and Lore

Shots and lore from the high-end dungeon in TRION’s MMO have been released.

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