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Archive for 8 February 2011

Half Of Warhammer Online’s US Servers To Close

Mythic has announced that two of the current four US servers and one EU server for Warhammer Online will be retired in March.

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Dragon Age 2 ‘Champion’ Trailer

There’s a new trailer abound, featuring little stylised vignettes of the three (count ‘em) classes in Dragon Age 2.

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Guild Wars 2: Audio Samples Of Humanity

ArenaNet has taken the unusual, but welcome, step of showcasing a few audio examples of the voice acting and tone of its forthcoming MMO Guild Wars 2.

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English Language Demo Of Dungeons Released

Art and style inspired by Dungeons, gameplay closer to Theme Park; that seems to be the slowly emerging consensus on the game.

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The Darkness 2 Announced

Now here’s a franchise we thought had bit the dust but has resurfaced today, The Darkness.

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Battlefield 3 On PC Will Be ‘Lead Edition’

Battlefield 3 is to feature 64-man multiplayer on PC, with a US retailer claiming the platform will be the ‘lead edition’.

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DC Universe Subscription Slashed

Sony is to offer gamers around the world the chance to play its DC Universe Online MMO for 25% less from midday today, including current subscribers.

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AI War: Light Of The Spire Review

Back in the misty swirls of October 2009 we ran a couple of AI War co-op diaries and an interview with creator Chris Park here at IncGamers.

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