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‘No Changes’ To XCOM Following 2K Studio Head Resignation

Following the news that 2K Australia’s studio head, Martin Slater, had resigned in January of this year, rumours flew that the developer’s much-maligned XCOM reboot might be changing direction.

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‘Polynesia Pack’ & Free Maps Coming To Civ V

Being in charge of a civilization that encompasses Hawaii sounds like a fairly attractive job, and that’s what’s on offer in Firaxis’ forthcoming DLC for Civilization V.

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Dash Past Some HD Boulders This March

The HD-remake of Boulder Dash – Boulder Dash XL – should be showing up on Xbox 360 and PC sometime this March.

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Gaikai Service Lauches With Mass Effect 2 & Dead Space 2 Demos

The second ‘cloud gaming’ service, Gaikai, has now launched, offering in-browser, streaming versions of Spore, Dead Space 2 (demo) and Mass Effect 2 (demo.)
Judging by the Gaikai home page, its being promoted as a kind of marketing tool for publishers; a method of offering streaming demos of your games to the general public, without making them download anything in particular (java aside.)
Dave Perry talks more about the launch on his blog (where he notes, “we’ve secretly been up and running for months, quietly, testing, collecting analytics, improving things etc”,) and also links to a few places where you can try Gaikai for yourself.

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Paradox Reveals Sengoku

Paradox Interactive love strategy titles. They will not stop making them until every country and period of history is catered for.

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Serious Sam 3: BFE Gets Properly Announced

After teasing us with a sort of pre-announcement announcement, Croteam have appeared again with a bit more Serious Sam 3: BFE news and some pictures.

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Killzone 3 Review

Killzone 3 is intense.  It’s so intense that it often feels as though you’re being guided at break neck speed through rush hour traffic by a taxi driver who 1) has no license 2) has no brakes and 3) learnt to drive by watching and re-watching The Fast and the Furious. 
As a result, somewhere around the half-way point, Killzone 3 begins to lose its way; the unrelenting barrage of explosions, headshots and space marine ‘bromances’ numbing you to the point of apathy.  Only once throughout the 6 hour-ish campaign are you afforded room to breathe.  That moment comes in the form of a stealth mission deep in enemy territory through the Helghan jungle; it’s hardly original stuff but at least you’re tasked with performing something other than aim-shoot-kill.

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Win a RIFT Digital CE Edition

It’s time for another great competition here at IncGamers and we are giving you the chance to win one of ten Digital Collectors Editions for TRION’s new MMORPG RIFt which launches tomorrow.

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Shock! Horror! Mobile games are popular

Results from a survey conducted by PopCap Games, publishers of casual hits such as Plants vs.

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Brink looks good, real good

We recently had the pleasure of getting down and dirty with Splash Damage’s upcoming, team-based, first-person shooter, Brink, and – it’s a pleasure to report – things are looknig very promising.

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Speculation mounts over GTA V

Everyone loves a little speculation, especially when the gaming’s big guns are involved.

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UK All-Format Charts: Killzone Edition

The popularity of the FPS genre seemingly knows no bounds.  Last week’s top dog, Call of Duty: Black Ops drops down to third position as Killzone 3 and Bulletstorm take first and second spots respectively.

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Watch MMO documentary, ‘GAMERS’, for free

Finally, a videogame documentary that doesn’t focus on violence, addiction and/or the increased risk of you becoming a rapist.

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Brink Preview

This is not your standard shooter. Brink is clearly trying to do things that you don’t see from your average FPS.  As a result there’s an enormous amount going on and there’s an enormous amount to talk about.  Therefore, I apologise in advance because there’s absolutely no way to cover everything we’ve seen thus far without rambling on for ten thousand words.

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RIFT: IncGamers SoulBuilder Launches

TRION’s MMO launched on Thursday for the early start players and if you played the Beta then you’ll know that opne of the cool features of the game is  the ability for each character you roll to have multiple ‘Souls’ which offers some great diverse mix in the game’s four callings, or classes if you prefer.

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FEAR 3 – ‘Behind The Scenes’ Video

Day 1 Studios chat about the environments and sound design of FEAR 3, plus some details about the ‘Almaverse’ – the odd, alternative version of reality present in the game.

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Maps Revealed For Battlefield 3’s ‘Back To Karkand’ Expansion

We’ve seen barely 30 seconds of actual Battlefield 3 footage, but EA is already laying on the pre-order bonuses and map pack details.

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Dawn Of War II: Retribution – Cinematic Trailer

THQ has released a short cinematic trailer for Dawn of War II: Retribution, the latest standalone-expansion for Dawn of War II.

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