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Archive for 15 December 2010

Section 8: Prejudice Priced

TimeGate Studios has announced that the sci-fi shooter sequel Section 8: Prejudice will be a digital-only release for PC, Xbox LIVE and PlayStation Network, costing $15.00 USD.

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Sizeable Civilization V Patch Released

Huge patches are all the rage of late. Fallout: New Vegas had one, Elemental: War of Magic followed suit, and now Civilization V joins the party with a mega-update.

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Elemental: War Of Magic Patched To v1.1

To call Elemental: War of Magic a ‘troubled’ release would be a bit of an understatement.

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Oddboxx Prices Announced

Oddworld Inhabitants has revealed a set of international prices for the Oddboxx collection.

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Darkspore PvP Developer Diary

The latest developer diary from the Maxis team discusses the PvP features in their upcoming action RPG which is being released by EA early next year.

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Buy Games Using Touchscreen Using New Amazon App

iPad users wanting to buy games online can now do so using a new touchscreen app launched by leading retailer Amazon.

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