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Archive for 13 December 2010

Mass Effect 3, Teaser Video

We’ve had the reveal, the official reveal and the platform confirmation – now enjoy the London-based teaser trailer for Mass Effect 3, shown at the VGAs.

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Strange Days: New Batman Arkham City Trailer

Remember the pifflingly short Arkham City teaser released last week? Well, RockSteady has now released the full version – and it’s quite a bit better.

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Bloodline Champions – Blood Priest Profile

FunCom has revealed the newest and (as the voiceover on this profile dubiously claims) ‘sexiest’ addition to Bloodline Champions: the Blood Priest.

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Age of Conan v2.1 New PvP Minigame Details

Funcom are getting ready to launch v2.1 on the live servers and with this update comes a new PvP mini-game and the map “The Call of Jhebbal Sag”.

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Elder Scrolls V Will Use ‘Fantastic’ New Engine

Publisher Bethesda has revealed its next title in the Elder Scrolls franchise will boast a brand new engine, developed in-house.

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