Junction Point Was Originally Working On M-Rated Games

26 Aug 2010  by   Paul Younger
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Epic Mickey creator Warren Spector has revealed to IncGamers, Junction Point was originally pitching the ideas of M-rated games including a science fiction game and a fantasy roleplaying game before Disney approached them about Epic Mickey.
When asked how the collaboration between Disney and Junction Point happened and who approached who over Epic Mickey, Spector revealed it was Disney who asked them to work on the game.
“Disney approached me, which was incredibly flattering to say the least,” revealed the Epic Mickey producer, “The way it happened was that I created Junction Point and I was making the rounds of publishers trying to find someone to fund one of the games I wanted to do. My agent said, “lets go talk to Disney”, I said I loved Disney, but they’re not going to be interested in M-rated science fiction games, M-rated fantasy role playing games and that’s kind of what I wanted to do. He said, talk to them anyway, they’re changing.”
It was during that pitch that Disney approached Spector and Junction Point about working on the game.
Spector explained, “So we took a meeting, and I was pitching my fantasy and science fiction stuff, and predictably enough they weren’t interested. But they asked me if I was interested in doing a Mickey Mouse game, because they had a concept. There’s a thing called the Think Tank at Disney Interactive. They’d come up with this idea for a Mickey Mouse game, and they pitched me on it and said, would I be interested in taking this concept and turning it into a game. I said, yes that’s fantastic. It was a terrific idea.”
The full interview will be going up in the next couple of days and covers many aspects of Epic Mickey including Warren Spector wanting Epic Mickey to become a series rather than a one-off.

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