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Spec Ops: The Line Multiplayer Details

28 Jun 2010  by   Paul Younger
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Cory Davis from Yager has told IncGamers that we can expect a multiplayer mode which will tie into the story and the campaign.

In an interview with IGTV, Davis said that although the company weren’t focusing on discussing the multiplayer gaming, there would be a comprehensive multiplayer.

“What I can tell you is that we have a number of really interesting team-based and co-operative modes that are all going to tie directly into the storyline of the campaign.”

One of the game’s focus is the you-can’t-do-anything-wrong mechanic. In a nutshell this means that any decision you take in the campaign’s set pieces which require you to act immediately, will never be the wrong decision. Davis says that not only will this offer players a better gaming experience, but it also allows for the exploration of those decisions within the multiplayer game.

“Maybe you saw some events or made some decisions in the single player campaign that actually you learn more about, and the reasons and effects of those things, in the multiplayer as well.”

We’ll have more details as soon as we hear them, and you can check our full video interview tomorrow.

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