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Funcom Reveals The Secret World’s ‘Kingsmouth’

25 Jan 2010  by   Paul Younger
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A new website advertising Kingsmouth, a fictional sleepy seaside town in northeast Maine, has appeared on the net promoting a location in Funcom’s upcoming MMO, The Secret World.

The site, under the guise of an info page for visitors, informs players of some of the things they can look forward to in-game. For instance, under the activities tab there’s several points of interest that hint at future content, including the Kingsmouth Congregational church where the Reverend Henry Hawthorne may tell players about “a little conspiracy theory or two”. The Mining Museum teaches visitors about the dark history of the Blue Ridge Mine, and tourists are advised to stop by the Black Goat Woods where it’s rumoured that strange magical rituals once took place.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg – there’s plenty more to read about if you’re keen to discover more about the town of Kingsmouth, all revolving around local myths and legends, the main idea behind The Secret World.

If you’re a fan of Lovecraft, several things about the town may seem familiar; The name of the private school in Kingsmouth, the Innsmouth Academy, is a nod to the writer’s creation. See a selection of images from Kingsmouth below:

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