Star Wars: The Old Republic – Tatooine Revealed

18 Dec 2009  by   Paul Younger
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BioWare has released more information about another of the planets in the upcoming MMO, Star Wars: The Old Republic.

This time, the focus is on the world of Tatooine, an independent planet on the outer rim neither controlled by the Empire nor the Republic. Its location and allegiance status means it’s become a haven for Smugglers.

The planet’s two suns means that the surface is a scorched and mostly barren desert, with small communities dotted around. But Tatooine has a sinister secret.

“For centuries, Tatooine was of little interest to the rest of the galaxy – until the Czerka Corporation showed up five hundred years ago, seeking to exploit the natural resources they believed were beneath Tatooine’s surface. Czerka’s efforts to mine Tatooine ended in failure, but the planet’s hostile environment proved to be the perfect place for Czerka’s Secret Weapons division. Able to operate with no restrictions, Czerka brought alien technologies and experiments too horrible or dangerous to be allowed on any other system in the galaxy. While the full scope of how far Czerka went with their research remains unknown, it’s clear that suddenly, and without warning, Czerka completely pulled out of Tatooine, leaving their Secret Weapons complex to be swallowed by the sands.”

Find out more at the official site, and check out the new images below:

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