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Global Agenda: Why First-Person View Is Out

14 Dec 2009  by   Paul Younger
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Despite the fact that Global Agenda will be an action shooter MMO, High-Rez Studios has explained to IncGamers why it decided not to include a first-person perspective for players.

The first-person view was in the game originally, but due to the nature of Global Agenda with so much going on around the character at all times, most players returned to using the third-person angle.

“Even though it’s a shooter mechanic, we actually have a pretty sophisticated melee, it’s not just one knife kill and the person’s dead as in the traditional shooter.” said Global Agenda’s executive producer Todd Harris. “There’s a bonus if I attack someone from behind, there’s a blocking mechanic, there’s secondary effect by class. We also do have jet packs, we have grappling on walls – we have a lot of other dynamic factors in the world like turrets that take you out very quickly if you’re not watching. So the situational awareness that comes with third-person was something that players continually went back to.”

Harris added that when using certain guns, there is however a scope view that improves the accuracy.

Check back later today and tomorrow for both parts of the video interview.

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