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Developers on Global Agenda’s Solo Play

14 Dec 2009  by   Paul Younger
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As Global Agenda is a team-based game, we asked its developers what there was for players who don’t have in-game friends or like to go it alone.

Global Agenda’s executive producer Todd Harris explained that there’s still plenty to do for players who don’t have an agency just yet. The first part of the game where players learn the ropes is completely solo, and once characters are out in the real world, there are no-consequence zones where players can practice without risking the loss of credits. Also, players can sign up for the type of game they want to play, be it PvE, multiplayer-PvP, Mission or attack/defend games, and the game has a built-in match-making system that puts them with others of a similar skill level.

“We’ve worked hard to have tools so that if I’m thinking solo and I want to be that recon sniping from afar, there’s going to be a team that’s going to want me to contribute, and the matchmaking system will help to pair me with those folks.”

The full video interview will be posted in two parts on Monday and Tuesday, be sure to check back.

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