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Cryptic On Klingon Gameplay Part Two

24 Dec 2009  by   Paul Younger
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The 19th edition of Ask Cryptic has gone up, where Star Trek Online developers answer questions from fans on the game, this time about Klingon gameplay.

The topics mainly revolved around PvP which, as we discovered last week, is a Klingon’s primary method of progression, due to the lack of PvE content for the faction. One of the fans asked what will happen if there is no one around to PvP against, will they still be able to level their character somehow?

“Yes the Warzone maps are setup so that they can be completed even if the other side doesn’t show up—your main opponent in that case is the PvE Content. However, with a single server model, we think there is going to be plenty of PvP to go around.”

Another fan asked about PvE content, and exactly how much of it there will be. As Cryptic said before, there’s not much; “We have deep space encounters for Klingons that are a great place to test new strategies or configurations or just to let off some steam between PvP matches.”. But developers were quick to point out that if the majority of players demand more PvE content for Klingons, they will add it.

See the full Ask Cryptic at the official site.

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