Microsoft: Windows 7 Will Be Dominant PC Gaming Platform

1 Oct 2009  by   Paul Younger
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Microsoft is confident that Windows 7 will be the gaming platform of choice on PC.Speaking to MCV, Microsoft’s director of consumer product management Parri Munsell said “We believe Windows 7 is going to be the dominant PC gaming platform.””If there is any hesitancy – perhaps we have people still on XP because they had issues with Vista – those days are over. Consumers will see a broad level of compatibility on Windows 7 from a gaming level right down to anything else they might do on their PC.”We are convinced Windows 7 can take that to the next level,” Munsell added. “Especially when you look at things like multi-touch and DirectX 11. Microsoft will have a full campaign in place to advocate the benefits of Windows in the games space. We are here to stay and here to play.”What Microsoft has done, apparently, is ensure that the biggest games will run on the system, in addition to toying with multi-touch screens. Touch is integrated directly into Windows 7, with desktop browsing and websurfing given by Munsell as examples of things that are touch-supported, but games developers are now playing around with the tech.So: games compatibility, DirectX 11, multi-touch. If it runs DOSBox and is truly compatible with most of what’s out there, perhaps it’ll be worth an upgrade for me, but I’m not sure I believe most people will upgrade any time soon after launch.Windows 7 is out on 22 October.

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