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Archive for 31 October 2009

Warhammer Online Free Trial Extended

Mythic’s latest newsletter has alerted fans to an upcoming change in Warhammer Online’s free trial period.

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Direct 2 Drive Halloween Deal

Digital distributor Direct 2 Drive has announced a special Halloween deal on horror titles.

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New Metro 2033 Shots

THQ and developer 4A Games sent over new shots for Metro 2033, the recently announced shooter for the PC and 360.Based on the novel by Dmitry Glukhovsky, the game is set in post-apocalyptic Moscow following a catastrophic event in 2013 which annihilated almost all of humanity.

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New Just Cause 2 Trailer & Shots

A new set of screens and a new trailer for Eidos and Avalanche Studios’ Just Cause 2 have been released.The trailer, entitled ‘No Ordinary Mission’, demonstrates how diverse and action-packed the missions will be in the game.

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