Twilight MMO Announced

29 Jul 2009  by   Paul Younger
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A new development studio has announced that it is developing an MMO based on the popular book and film series, Twilight.

Game director and lead programmer Brandon Gardner is leading the volunteer-based project, which is still in the very early stages of development. According to an interview he gave recently, he plans to include content from the upcoming Twilight film and unpublished book, Midnight Sun.

The game will be an open non-linear world, based in Forks, Washington. It is said to include details that aren’t mentioned in the films or books, and will allow fans to play from the main characters’ perspectives. Gardner says he believes the ability to play as a human, vampire or werewolf in the game is important. He also confirms that all the characters from the books will be in the game.

For fans of the series who fear the game will fail to deliver, Gardner assures them that his work is top notch, comparing himself to the makers of World of Warcraft:

“Blizzard Entertainment is known for releasing polished high quality games. That is a standard that I apply to my games and onto myself. The number one people that I am accountable to are the fans of Twilight, and I will not let any of them down.”

The official site for the game is up, but little more than an introduction is there to see at present.

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