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Cities XL: Licensed Brands In Game

Monte Cristo’s Cities XL will feature licensed brands in game in order for the developer to “make some money.”IncGamers caught up with Monte Cristo’s CEO Jerome Gastaldi, who told us about the addition of real life brands to the city-building game.”It makes the game look even more real-world, and partially, and we’ll admit this without shame, because we can make some money from that.”This seems to be a growing trend in games with Burnout Paradise running President Obama election campaign banners throughout the game last year. Even more recently we have seen adverts streaming on the Xbox 360, so with Cities XL it sounds like it’s the next logical step in by implementing brands in game to make it more “real-world”.What next? Half Life 3 with Coke Machines to drink from? Let us know what you think about product placement and in-game ads in the comments section below.Check back later today for the full interview.  

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