Drescher: No More Mythic Losses

25 Jun 2009  by   Paul Younger
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A post on Josh Drescher’s blog page, a Mythic Entertainment EA producer, has suggested that no more staff will be leaving Mythic after the BioWare and Mythic merger.

The news, which made headlines late yesterday afternoon, claimed the now former head of Mythic Studios, Mark Jacobs, had left the company.  Much speculation, including those surrounding other staff members leaving Mythic, started to inevitably circulate, but, according to Drescher’s blog, no more staff will be leaving.

“Always remember – there are a limitless number of people online with comparably limitless free time and a weird love of just making things up.”

Drescher also goes on to say that Mythic, although technically working under the with of BioWare, Mythic will still operate as its own entity, like it always has.

“While we are working alongside BioWare and with Ray as our group GM, we are still Mythic.  Our core operational leadership remains the same, our production and development staff remains the same.”

And plans for WAR are set to stay the same too.  The blog goes on to say that more details “explaining what we’re doing to tack the “Top 5″ list” will be made available tomorrow.

Keep tuning back for the latest on this news story.

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