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Huxley Gameplay Video

31 Mar 2009  by   Paul Younger
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A video of the long-awaited FPS MMO hybrid, Huxley, has been shown at the Games Developer’s Conference.

The video, as seen on WanderingGoblin, demonstrates gameplay in three ‘modes’. City mode is a place to chat with friends, form groups or clans, use the auction house, do any crafting or purchase armor and weapons. There is also PvP Virtual Combat and PvP Battlegrounds, which play more like an FPS game than an MMO.

The character customisation in Huxley is highly advanced, with stunning graphics. There are three classes available to players; the Avenger, Enforcer and Phantom. Avengers are a medium range medium armor class, Enforcers are a heavy armor close range class and Phantoms are a light armor long range class. According to the video, each class should be capable of acting as a tank, healer or damage dealer in PvE situations, although some may be better at certain tasks than others, for example the Phantom has a healing ability, but may also act as a tank by creating decoys.

Huxley will be available on the Xbox 360 and the PC, there is currently no date set for release, however this new video shows that development is coming along nicely. 

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