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Archive for 28 March 2009

PC Braid Release Delayed

The Braid development blog has announced a slight delay to the PC version’s release.Originally expected on March 31st, the PC release has been slightly delayed until April 10th.

By Paul Younger | 28 Mar 2009 | Comments Off

Champions Online Guild Beta Registration Begins

Cyrptic Studios are encouraging guilds to register their guild for the superhero MMORPG Champions Online to take a part in the Beta testing process.MMORPG gamers who are part of a guild simply have to register on the official website, fill in a form and supply their guild’s name, website and a list of email addresses so other guild members can receive an invite.We assume that approved guilds will receive an invite quite quickly as Cryptic state: “Once we do an authenticity check to make sure you’re human and not some kind of malicious cyborg, we’ll hook up the invites and have you and your guild mates playing in no time.”In a guild?

By Paul Younger | 28 Mar 2009 | Comments Off

Ten Reasons To Play Protoype Trailer

Need a reason to pick up Radical Entertainment’s Prototype in June?

By Paul Younger | 28 Mar 2009 | Comments Off

Batman: Arkham Asylum Gameplay Trailer

Join Sefton Hill, game director at Rocksteady guides you through one of the Challenge Modes from Batman: Arkham Asylum showing off the Invisible Predator gameplay moves in this new video.

By Paul Younger | 28 Mar 2009 | Comments Off