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Champions Online Interview

Randy Mosiondz, lead designer Champions Online discusses what we can expect from the new MMO title from Cryptic and how it differs to their already successful City brand.

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Play TV

It’s not as good as Sky Plus. There, we’ve said it, time to move on.

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Virtual Skipper 5 UNPLAYED

Before we continue, we’d like to make it clear that Lee Tharjick is his own entity and that the views portrayed in this article, are the thoughts of Lee Tharjick and not that of IncGamers.

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Warhammer Online: Levels 1-20

The day has finally come.  The pen and paper model making tabletop strategy game has finally been delivered to me in a way that doesn’t cost five hundred dollars and 200 hours just to construct a proper army which won’t leave me embarrassed before the presence of true fans.  Under the shadow of the success in World of Warcraft, Warhammer Online has been in development, which may have bred contempt but overall made for a better game.

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BiA: Hell’s Highway Review

Back as Sergeant Matt Baker, you find yourself in the Netherlands fighting a battle which will take six days to complete.  Named “Operation Market-Garden” your job is to take back strongholds in the Netherlands and to push towards Berlin, helping out the “depleted Allied forces”.  Inevitably you learn a lot about yourself and your friends as well as losing a few of them and sometimes your mind along the way.

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Crysis Warhead

First things first, Crysis Warhead is not the next instalment in the planned Crysis trilogy.

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Arabic MMO Interview

Here at IncGamers, we’ve got the scoop on the latest localised Arabic MMO.  You would have seen it in the news, but now we’ve got an exclusive on the title that will be coming fully localised for the Middle Eastern region.Speaking to Fadi Mujahid of Game Power 7, the Dubai based publisher and developer, we look at how bringing an Arabic specific title to a region that isn’t particularly known for its gaming will be recieved.1.  Do we have any idea of what the game is going to be called?The game is a localized version of Rappelz, the successful game from NFlavor.

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Galactic Civilizations 2: Endless Universe

This game is evil.  It’s a manipulative, scheming, drug addict and it wants you to get hooked too.  This game is Galactic Civilisations 2.

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EndWar Developer Interview

Some people may like a good RTS, and there are others who’d prefer a bit of time playing a strategic board game, such as RISK, or Stratego.But how does one transfer these epic board games to the digital age and give wannabe commanders a platform to work from, and a live battle front to swell their chests at.

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NHL ’09

While, in the past, EA Sports may have been content with delivering cosmetic annual updates to its sports franchises, things have changed a lot in the last couple of years.

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StarWars: The Force Unleashed

It’s rare that a game is celebrated for its cutscenes. The vast majority are throwaway distractions from blowing stuff up, featuring the kind of acting normally seen in late-night Hollyoaks.

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Industry Job Interview – The Game Tester

Have you ever thought about getting a job in the gaming industry?

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StarWars: The Force Unleashed

As a fanboy to the extreme, I am always excited to see any new Star Wars product hit the market.  Unfortunately, many times my excitement is short-lived due to the fact that Star Wars games rarely hit the mark.  True, there are those that will live in my library for years to come, but most slip quietly out of circulation.In case you are from a galaxy far far away, and are unaware of the plot, The Force Unleashed takes place between Episodes III and IV.  The story is centered on a young Jedi named Starkiller, who is being reared by Darth Vader as a secret apprentice, but I won’t go into detail lest I ruin the experience.  Suffice to say that the storyline is clearly well constructed and any fan of the Star Wars universe will appreciate the nuances present.  From the scrolling introduction (sadly missing from the Clone Wars movie currently in theaters) to the grand cinematic soundtrack, the presentation is great.The Force Unleashed is a very straightforward game with a simple pick-up-and-play configuration that tutors you along the way.  When you begin, you have a meager understanding of the force, but are tuned into its dark side.  It is quite clear that this side of the force is all about power with little concern for respecting your environments.  You can smash and bash just about anything imaginable and it is pure fun.  The game is engaging at first, but quickly becomes repetitive.  You can hack and slash your way through most sequences, or you can try to be a bit more creative with your power and find more interesting ways to dispense with your enemies. As you fight through the story, you earn points that allow you to level up.  This rudimentary RPG system does allow for a bit of welcome distraction from all the hack-and-slash, but it does not really seem necessary.  As you level up, there are three categories in which you can improve:  force powers, combos and talents.  Powers include force push, lighting and force grip.  Combos are self-explanatory, albeit pretty annoying to keep track of in the button smashing sequences.   Talents are areas that allow you in increase your health/force meters or increase the speed an which they refill.  Nothing earth shattering, but it does add a little depth to the whole experience.When the Force Unleashed was announced, it was the physics and destructible environments that had gamers champing at the bit to play it .  The good news is this is, by far, the most realistic Star Wars game I have played in terms of the overall feel of the environments.  Even with the full capacity of the force, heavy objects aren’t easy to manipulate and there is a definite sense of momentum.  With the exception of the boss fights at the end of the levels, most enemies seem to have a logical tolerance for damage.  Drop a boulder on a Storm Trooper and he will die.  Force Push the same character and he will sustain some damage, but probably not die.  Of course, if you need to, you can just pick up a character and hurl him into oblivion.The level design is clearly identifiable with the Star Wars universe.  You will visit locations and characters that are both familiar and wonderfully-rendered.

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Facebreaker on Xbox 360 is a great example of EA’s new Freestyle message (aimed at a broader range of gamers) and delivers some impressive visuals and gameplay.

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MM: Grave Danger

Last year’s Monster Madness: Battle for Suburbia for the PC and Xbox 360 was an attempt to bring an old school monster fest to the next gen of gaming machines.

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Warhammer Online First Look

Ok, first up, a confession: I don’t know anything about this game beyond the newbie areas.

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Saints Row 2 Interview

Releasing an open-world crime game in the year as Rockstar can’t be easy and, with Saints Row 2 about to land, we spoke to the game’s Lead designer, James Tsai, about all things Silwater.

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Retro Review: Sensible World of Soccer

Back in 1990 it looked as if Anco had the football game market sewn-up.

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Before we continue, we’d like to make it clear that LeeTharjick is his own entity and that the views portrayed in thisarticle, are the thoughts of Lee Tharjick and not that ofIncGamers.

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Spore Review

There are a few games this year that are attracting the attention of the gaming world and Will Wright’s Spore is one of these.

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Diablo III Inforview

DIII community manager “Bashiok” of Blizzard Entertainment was on hand at PAX to talk to us about the upcoming title.  Much to my surprise, the Diablo III CM dished on quite a bit.  I’ve elected to outline some of the things we spoke about, rather than transcribe the whole thing, as you wouldn’t find that too interesting.  So here were the main talking points: Speaking of classes: The barbarian is the only class from prior games that is going into DIII.  Definitively, without question, none of the others will be in the game.  None.

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Review: Romance of the Three Kingdoms XI

If you like spending over three hours a night developing cities, building armies and ramming spears up arses then Romance of the Three Kingdoms XI is a ten star game.

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Nostradamus Review

It’s not easy to make a point-and-click that really gets you excited and makes you want to play it over and over, so there’s no hard feelings that this hasn’t happened here, but there’s been a good effort made and Nostradamus:The Last Prophecy comes out above average.  My overall impression is that it’s another decent example of the genre but nothing special, which is no bad thing considering that finding that much can be a job sometimes.  Still, to raise it out of mediocrity there are a few bits and pieces worth mentioning that may sway you to try it out.

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S.T.A.L.K.E.R Clear Sky

Considering the troubled development period behind Shadow of Chernobyl, it was surprising to hear that Deep Silver planned to follow it up only one year after its release.

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S.T.A.L.K.E.R Interview

We all know S.T.A.L.K.E.R. and with the new game, Clear Sky, just around the corner from release, we managed to nab Oleg Yavorsky (Senior PR Manager GSC Game World)  to talk to us about the game, how it’s progressed and how it fits into the game’s overall story.  If you’ve not seen it, or are thinking of picking it up, why not read our review?

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Too Human Review

It’s been nearly ten years in the making, first to be released on the PS1, then it was going to make its debut on the GameCube.  So right from the start, this game has been somewhat confused as to where and why it’s going to specific platforms. 
One would think that having ten years to develop, re-develop, enhance and re-enhance a game and its story would be enough.  One would be wrong, and unfortunately Too Human is one game that I would be glad never to play again.  That’s not to say that some people will love the game.  I just don’t.

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Space Station Sim UNPLAYED Review

Before we continue, we’d like to make it clear that Lee Tharjick is his own entity and that the views portrayed in this article, are the thoughts of Lee Tharjick and not that of IncGamers.  With that in mind, we feel we cannot restrict Lee’s creativity by putting boundries on how he works, so we accept him for that and hope you do too.For more information on why we’ve decided to use Lee, then please click here.It doesn’t get better for me.  I thought that last weeks efforts were shambolic, and the management at IncGamers had “words” with me about the direction I was taking with my reviews.  After speaking to the editor, I rolled a fat one and thought about how I was going to tackle my new game, the triple Z title, Space Simulator.

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City of Heroes/Villains Update by Matt “Positron” Miller

Matt “Positron” Miller talks about the latest addition to City of Heroes/City of Villians, the Issue 13: Architect update.I wanted to be the first to let you all know that the primary Feature list for Issue 13: Architect is now live!

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REVIEW: Bionic Commando Rearmed

Twenty years since its release on the NES and Bionic Commando is back.

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FUEL Announced

Codemasters has unveiled a new racing title called FUEL which is being developed by Asobo Studios.Codemasters are known for their racing releases and the latest to join the likes of GRID is FUEL, an open-world racer due for release next year on the PC, 360 and PS3.This new game will feature a “no-boundaries playfield that’s over 5,000 square miles (14,000+ km²) in size” where you can unleash your racing and stunt driving skills.The game’s setting is an “alternate present” where the world has been ravaged by global warming caused by “environmental abuse”.

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