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MMO Weekly 23/12

My dear, dear fellow game geeks, allow me to congratulate you:  you’ve stumbled upon the most over-rated weekly article in all of game journalism.  Sure, MMO Weekly is getting rave reviews, and the literati of both the UK and the US are all aglow, singing its praises.  But is this weekly write-up worth all the accolades?  Most assuredly, the answer is no.  So, without further ado, let’s see what’s up in virtual space. 
In a mind-numbing attempt to manufacture additional tax revenue out of thin air, New York governor David Paterson has proposed taxing virtual goods.  The proposal specifically mentions music, video, and video games.  Although virtual property of all kinds (consider all those microtransactions that you’ve been making in an attempt to make your Maple Story character all “leet”) isn’t mentioned, it’s certainly implied.  Read it for yourself:
“Close Digital Property Taxation Loophole.

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