Industry Job Interview – The Game Tester

19 Sep 2008  by   Paul Younger
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Have you ever thought about getting a job in the gaming industry? Whether it’s a job developing a game, publishing a game, marketing a game or even just testing a game, then this feature is for you.Over the next few months we’ll be interviewing key figures within the industry about their roles, their responsibilities and how they found themselves in the gaming industry. The interviews will offer advice and tips on how to find an “in” to the industry and will answer any questions that you may have.This week we start with Aaron Holmes, a games tester from Seattle.
How long have you been a games tester?

1 Year with Nintendo, 3 months with Microsoft, 1 year 4 months Beta Testing with ArenaNet.

How did you get involved with testing?

To start the story of how I ended up at NoA… It started off one day during my Warcraft III days (which I still play) when I was looking for the administrator of the website, the admin was “Rush” or “Rushster”, why I was searching for him I have no idea.

I came across the program mIRC and searched for any channels where Rush could be found, this lead me to a channel called “Guild Wars” (Just a note, I hadn’t heard of Guild Wars at all before this), I met two good friends there, Tarrant & Chantal. Tarrant asked me why I was searching for Rush, but that lead to asking about Guild Wars (which unknown to me, Tarrant was an Alpha Tester of Guild Wars).

After a bit of talking, some site-linking, I asked if there were any guilds open that I could join, Tarrant, offered me a guild to join, it was a guild he was a part of, the guild SoW (Spirits of War). I really liked the name, and decided to check it out, and applied. It wasn’t long after that I was accepted into the guild, had my first Preorder pack for Guild Wars and was experiencing the Guild Wars Open Beta Event. The game was beautiful, the sounds, the music, everything was done nicely, and by the time the weekend was over, I was pretty much missing Guild Wars!

After being asked to do more testing, I made sure I was thorough with the Guild Wars Factions testing, and even met a Quality Assurance Tester, John Holes, who later introduced me to Parker Services

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