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Archive for 10 September 2008

Diablo III Inforview

DIII community manager “Bashiok” of Blizzard Entertainment was on hand at PAX to talk to us about the upcoming title.  Much to my surprise, the Diablo III CM dished on quite a bit.  I’ve elected to outline some of the things we spoke about, rather than transcribe the whole thing, as you wouldn’t find that too interesting.  So here were the main talking points: Speaking of classes: The barbarian is the only class from prior games that is going into DIII.  Definitively, without question, none of the others will be in the game.  None.

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Review: Romance of the Three Kingdoms XI

If you like spending over three hours a night developing cities, building armies and ramming spears up arses then Romance of the Three Kingdoms XI is a ten star game.

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