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Archive for April 2008

`Pyroblazer` Announced

Candella Systems, UK just announced its new futuristic combat racing game for the PC, Nintendo Wii & Sony PSP.

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`FlyBoys Squadron` Takes to the Skies

Our friends at Matrix Games announced today the release of its WWI Flight Combat Sim, Flyboys Squadron.

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Sherlock Holmes Is Back

Ascaron have announced that ‘Sherlock Holmes: Nemesis’ will be released sometime in Q3 and will be called ‘Sherlcok Holmes Versus Arsène Lupin’ in Europe.

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The Sims 3 Details

Ea re really hyping up the Sims 3 as their next-gen flagship PC title.

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Hard To Be A God Review

‘Hard To Be A God’ is a strange title in many ways.

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‘Mary King’s Riding School’ on DS

Publisher Ghostlight is wooing the girlies with its latest title for DS, ‘Mary King’s Riding School’, which features lots of cute pony antics.

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Connect 08 Impression Part Two

Codemasters have been busy supporting some of the top MMORPG titles here in Europe,most notably ‘Lord of the Rings Online’ and ‘Dungeons & Dragons Online’.

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Sneak Peek: ‘Age of Conan’

Last week we met with Eidos and Funcom, the team behind the hugely anticipated MMO,“Players can run into groups and deal damage to all foes”‘Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventure’, and had a look at the game that’s got everyone’s petticoats in a fluster.

21 Apr 2008 | 4

Codemasters Connect Event

Codemasters Connect, set in the dizzy metropolis of Birmingham, was always going to be an interesting prospect.

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`Legends of Norrath` Interview

`Legends of Norrath` is a Trading Card Game that is based around the lore of the `EverQuest` games.

21 Apr 2008 | 7

‘LOL’ Now A Game

Described as being the “craziest hand-held game ever”, ‘LOL’ is a unique, free-form game for which the motto is “If the game is boring, then you are boring.”
“We decided not to include a single player mode in the game because that would defeat the purpose.

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‘Looney Tunes: Cartoon Concerto’

Eidos have announced that ‘Looney Tunes: Cartoon Concerto’ will be out in June this year.

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‘City of Heroes’ Issue 12 Details

NCsoft Europe, publisher of ‘City of Heroes’ has revealed new details of Issue 12 ‘Midnight Hour’, which promises a host of new features for players.The spandex-clad ones will be able to travel back to ancient Rome thanks to the powers of The Midnight Squad.

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‘Vanguard’ Introduces Flying Mounts

Vanguard may not have done nearly as well as expected but it’s still up and running which is the main thing, and today a new update has been applied to the MMO which introduces flying mounts.Also included in this latest update is the Riftway system, the addition of an overland raid for high-level players, updates to three classes, bug and performance fixes and the inclusion of Veteran player rewards.Game Update 4 features:Flying Mounts – Griffon and Wyvern permanent flying mounts are now available for level 40+ players to attain.Riftway Revamp – At level 10, players will encounter the first riftway stone.

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‘Wacky Races’ On Wii And DS

Eidos has announced ‘Wacky Races: Crash & Dash’ for DS and Nintendo Wii this June, bringing the classic cartoon caper to life.

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More `BLEACH` for DS

Sega of America rolled out a formal announcement of its next anime fighting game, BLEACH: Dark Souls for the Nintendo DS.  It will be released this summer.  Here are some of the key points taken from the official press release:
Developed by famed Japanese developer Treasure and localized for North America , BLEACH: Dark Souls will feature a multitude of enhancements to last year’s critically acclaimed BLEACH: The Blade of Fate.

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‘Line Rider’ For Nintendo Consoles and PC

Genius Products has confirmed that the popular internet game which allows players to determine the path of the of hero sled rider by drawing the route, ramps, hills and jumps, will be coming to the DS, Wii and PC this summer.

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Imperium Romanum Review

I am a fan of strategy games, I am also a big fan of building games, and when ‘Imperium“Attention to detail is great”Romanum’ landed on my doorstep I was more than happy to fire it up and spend the next few days of my life recreating one of the most infamous empires of all time.

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‘Babysitting Mania’ Hits DS

Majesco Entertainment has announced the release of ‘Babysitting Mania’ for Nintendo DS.

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Loose Weight With Your DS

‘My Health Coach: Weight Management’ will come to the DS this summer.  The game is developed under the cautious eye of a fitness coach and a nutritionist and promises to help maintaina  healthy lifestyle.

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